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<3 Chris Carrabba

so beautiful

so beautiful
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This livejournal community for all you kids that appreciate Chris Carrabba in all his awesomeness. It is NOT limited to just his days in Dashboard Confessional, but everything he has been a part of. This community is for all you kids that know that Dashboard fans generally are not "sad emo kids", but kids who are happy now that you have found his music. so, please join and feel free to tell about why it is you appreciate Chris.

just a few simple rules:
  • no silly Chris gossip about his personal life [ie. who he's dating]

  • no insulting others.. unless they are being a moron, and need to be insulted.

  • no "I'm going to the show on friday!" posts. instead, maybe a post after the show about how it was, set list, and those details

  • no "OMG CHRIS IS SO HAWT!!!!" posts

  • all photos and set lists must be behind a lj-cut

  • no surveys, no quizzes

  • no promoting other communities, keep that in your personal journal.

  • no cross-posting
that is all. :D

Christopher Ender Carrabba is love.

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