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Media Sites?

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew of any Dashboard Confessional media sites. In an Eve 6 community, I found an awesome site that had bootleg, unreleased, acoustic, etc... material and I was hoping someone knew of one similar to it, but of course for Dashboard.
Any sites would be awesome to take a look at, let me know!
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Deleted comment

This is great, thanks very much!
Is your LJ name from Rent by any chance?

+++If anyone else know's of any, I'd love to check them out. Thanks!

Deleted comment

I've become a new Rent addict after seeing it on Broadway this summer! Oh man is it good.
Just so's you know... The official DBCLive FTP server is down, "for an undetermined period of time" ... But I've started a new one.

Host: dashboard.serveftp.com
Port: 21
User: dashboard
Pass: confessional

If you need any help connecting, my AIM is drego5, and MSN/Email is drego5.dc@gmail.com